Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Does the Stimulus Do for Arizona?

I imagine that the atmosphere around your offices is similar to mine - quite a bit of discussion of the stimulus plan (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009). Lots of wondering of when it will get here, if it will help out, and will we get work out of it. While those questions are beyond my ability to answer, some information is emerging.

The State Geologist, Lee Allison, refers me to a Senate website that outlines how the stimulus plan is anticipated to help Arizona.

Lee has also been blogging extensively about this event. In an earlier post, he points to AGI's (American Geological Institute) breakdown of 'geoscience-based' funding. This includes money to organizations like the USGS, US Army Corps of Engineers, NRCS, EPA, Bureau of Reclamation, BLM, DOE, and others that have a potential to fund other projects in Arizona (I've already heard rumors of potential funding for dam and levee projects through NRCS and USACE). I've also heard that there is money for national parks improvements.

So, it looks like things will be picking up at some point in the future. Of course the question of when remains.

EDIT: A little more information from Arizona Geology

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