Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AEG Survey

Please take the time to do this - it really helps AEG better serve its members.
We have just launched a new survey that will be instrumental in helping us make the best decisions when we update the Association’s strategic plan at our April 17 workshop. AEG’s strategic plan serves as the foundation for decisions related to the allocation of our time and resources. To adapt to a rapidly changing environment, we are committed to assessing and revising the original plan (established in 2004) on a regular basis. Member input has proven to be essential to the development of the best possible plan.

We are asking you to play a major role in this process in two ways. First, please take the survey yourself as soon as you possibly can. Second, please emphasize to all of your colleagues at the section and chapter level how important it is for them to participate. As an added incentive, the survey concludes with a contest to suggest a slogan for AEG. We think this will be both fun and add extra insight into how AEG is perceived by its members. First prize in the contest is a free AEG membership.

Please know that all survey answers will be confidential; all data will be reviewed and summarized by an outside facilitator. Please take 10 minutes of your time now to complete the survey. All you need to do is hit this link:

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