Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Texas Attempts to Dilute Science Curricula

An intersting email from AIPG:

Dear AIPG Section Officers and Members:

There are new science curricula ESS (Earth and Space Science) about to be adopted in Texas. A panel of colleagues was brought together to write the earth science curriculum, and it is about to be adopted by the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE). Amendments have been introduced to include non-scientific elements into the curriculum. All details, including links to the curriculum, names and addresses of the SBOE members, and messages from our professional colleagues in Texas are under

The purpose of this message to you in all parts of the US is to request that you send a letter and email to each of the eight members of the Texas SBOE. The letter can be short and to the point. In essence, the SBOE should be asked to 1) support the ESS standards without revision, 2) not support any of the proposed amendments passed on January 22, and 3) not support any new amendments that may be brought forward.

AIPG has communicated with the Texas SBOE and colleagues in Texas. They are asking for support from across the nation. Please take a few moments to send a letter and an email to each SBOE member to keep the earth science curriculum objective. It's crucial to Texas and consequently the nation that science curricula remain objective.

Finally, please send a copy of any and all correspondence you send to the SBOE to

Thanks and warm regards,

Bill Siok
William J. Siok, CPG,
Executive DirectorAmerican Institute of Professional Geologists
1400 W 122nd Avenue, Suite 250
Westminster, Colorado 80234
PH: (303) 412.6205, FX: (303) 253.9220

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