Friday, February 20, 2009

Engineering and Geology Practice Guidelines

From AEG National:

The Joint Task Force on Areas of Practice (JTFAP) has completed their corroborative efforts and preparation of the Practice Guidelines document for engineering and geology. This is a joint effort among AEG, ASCE, and AIPG over the past years. Consistent with the JTFAP Charter and direction provided by AEG's Directors, this document will not be published until our members have had the opportunity to review and comment.

That review period begins on February 20, 2009 and ends on March 22, 2009. Comments will only be received by members of AEG. If you are acquainted with others whom have expressed interest or you otherwise feel may have interest in providing comments, those comments will need to be provided through the AEG member.

Comments will be reviewed and may be incorporated into the final document. Arrangements are being made to strive toward a joint publication among the three representative organizations and perhaps others. We look forward to your comments and a final publication that will serve our community of geologists and engineers with practice guidance that furthers both professions and the joint practice between both disciplines.

To access the document, log on to with your Username and Password. If you have forgotten these, you can contact Cathy Wilson at 303-757-2926 or for the information. Once you are logged on, please click on the “JTFAP Draft Document” link in the middle of the Welcome Page.

Comments on the document will only be accepted through the email response link on the page. By completing the response form, you will help the Committee review all member comments in an efficient manner.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and comments.