Wednesday, February 25, 2009

AZGS Publishes New Earth Fissure Maps

The AZGS has published new and updated earth fissure maps.

New maps include:
  • Luke Study Area (updated)
  • Picacho Study Area (three seperate maps)
  • Heaton Study Area
  • Wintersburg Study Area

The AZGS has also made the geologic map of Arizona available digitally.


Lee Allison said...

It's not just that AZGS is posting the digital geologic map online, but we produced this as a Web service in ArcGIS to be viewable with your browser, Google Earth, MS Virtual Earth, ArcGIS or a number of other map/GIS applications.

Try draping the map over Virtual Earth topography or imagery and click on the 3D button. You can fly over geology of Arizona in 3D.

Next, we are adding 1:100K and 1:24K layers so as you zoom in, the scene will automatically shift to the higher resolution maps.

Ken said...

Thanks for the clarification Lee.

It sound great.