Monday, March 15, 2010

ADWR Funding Slashed

The FY 2011 budget for Arizona that has been passed by the legislature (but not signed into law yet) includes a cut of 60% for ADWR, which has already been cut significantly in the past 2 years, including a mass lay-off of over 25% of its workforce. Obviously these additional cuts would cripple and already under-funded agency that plays a critical role in the geoscience community and in the health, safety, and future of Arizona residents. I urge all AEG members and non-members reading this to consider writing letters to their representatives (follow this link for who and how to contact), the governor’s office (contact), and even the head of ADWR (contact) to plead for programs you feel are critical. The list of potential areas of cuts is long and includes things like InSAR and subsidence monitoring, well permitting, well data, the GWSI, the ability to regulate water usage, dam safety and many of the other key roles filled by ADWR.

I haven’t checked how other agencies fair in this proposed budget, but my guess is that agencies like ADEQ, AZGS, ADOT, State Lands, and others are hurt equally as bad.

I always find it ironic that legislators that speak of how important jobs are to the residents of Arizona cut so many of the jobs they actually have direct control over.

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Anonymous said...

Aside from a handful of very good scientists within the Hydrology Division, ADWR is a paper pushing waste of taxpayer dollars. A 60% funding cut is an appropriate move for fiscally stressed Arizona.