Monday, September 14, 2009

Erick Weiland appointed to AZ Board of Technical Registration

Gov. Jan Brewer has appointed Tucson geologist Erick Weiland to a two year term on the Arizona Board of Technical Registration, replacing Dawn Garcia, who stepped down after serving since 2005, according to the AIPG Arizona Chapter newsletter. There is only one geologist on the board, and Erick will represent Arizona on the Association of State Boards of Geologists (ASBOG) in the development and administration of the Geology test for professional registration.

Previous appointments to AzBTR and ASBOG include Ralph Weeks, Frank Turek, and Bill Greenslade.

For the record, as Chair of the Arizona Section of AEG, I co-wrote a letter with the Arizona Section of AIPG recommending Erick's appointment to the BTR. I'm very relieved that geologists will have representation on the board.

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