Thursday, July 30, 2009

California Board of Geology Terminated in New Budget Deal

As a result of the new California State Budget, the Geology Board is slated to be terminated.

The termination of the Geology Board and transfer of its authorities to the Board of Professional Engineers and Surveyors is on page 26 of the final State Budget

This appears to be a significant detriment to the professional practice of geology in the State of California.

According to the Geology Board, they aren’t sure that it’s a done deal yet, and they recommend that you contact your local representatives if you’d like to protest this decision. The Geology Board plans to continue to operate business as usual until they hear otherwise.


Anonymous said...

FYI,the CA Geology Board is completely self sufficient and does not require any external state funding. To justify this as a money saving issue in disengenuous.

Anonymous said...

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