Monday, April 6, 2009

JTFAP Draft Document Review Period Extended

The controversial JTFAP Draft Document review period has been extended (see announcment below). And on a related note, in case you missed it, a few members of the Arizona Section met and wrote this memo in response to the draft document.

Dear Members,

We sincerely appreciate all of the comments we have received thus far on the draft JTFAP document. Our members of the JTFAP have recently been informed that Geo-Institute has released the document to their membership for review and comment, much as AEG has done. This will allow us to extend the comment period to June 15, 2009, coincident with Geo-Institute 's deadline. This is great news since it allows all of us more time to discuss, interact, and provide review comments over a more reasonable timeframe. We will provide the AEG Board with copies of the responses received to date in advance of our April 18-19 Board of Directors Meeting in Seattle and will have discussion during the meeting. The BOD will be asked to provide feedback and direction on how AEG members of the JTFAP should proceed but no action is now required until after all comments are received and reviewed in July. Again, we thank you for your attention to this very important document to our profession and please let us know if you have any difficulties downloading the document or uploading your comments.

Mark Molinari, AEG President

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