Monday, June 16, 2008

Mentor Award

Most of us have one or two people we can point to in our career that have helped motivate us, educate us and provide the necessary guidance to help us excel in our professional lives. Many times, these mentors have helped dozens of colleagues improve in their professional careers. Now there is a way to recognize this tremendous gift to others.

The AEG Board of Director's at the Midyear Board Meeting, May 17-18, approved a new national award to be given to an AEG member, The Karl and Ruth Terzaghi Outstanding Mentor Award. It is to be awarded annually to an AEG member that has provided exceptional service as a mentor to younger environmental and engineering geologists, helping them to advance in the practice of their specialty. The mentor can have worked as a consultant, in a governmental agency or as an university educator. It is the desire of the Board that this first award be given at the next Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

President Dorian Kuper has appointed Terry West, Immediate Past President, to serve as the Chair of the selection committee, Rex Upp, Past President; Bob Valentine, Honorary Member; Abdul Shakoor, Johnston Award recipient; Matt Morris, Piteau Award recipient: and John Williams and Susan Steele Weir as recipients of several of the above awards. This last appointment will be filled in the future by a recipient of the Mentoring Award.

If you would like to nominate someone who has been an outstanding mentor to you and/or others, please send your nominations to Becky Roland at, to be subsequently forwarded to Terry West for committee consideration. You may be asked later to help obtain a CV for the individual you nominate. Nominations are due July 18, 2008.

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